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Photobooth Fun 2014 Version

My photobooth has been a big hit this year. I upgraded some things from last year, worked out the kinks and even got some new backdrops (gold sparkle!) Info about adding on a booth to your own wedding at the end of the post. Also, forgive me the watermark. Making them pretty for the website is a lot more work than I'm willing to put into this everybody-buy-a-photobooth post. Whacky photobooth pictures: Kelly-Roberto-photobooth-fb-size-37Kelly-Roberto-photobooth-fb-size-161Sarah-Jordan-photobooth-fb-size-4Sarah-Jordan-photobooth-fb-size-50Sarah-Jordan-photobooth-fb-size-83Sarah-Patrick-photobooth-fb-size-21Sarah-Patrick-photobooth-fb-size-98Sarah-Patrick-photobooth-fb-size-138Sarah-Patrick-photobooth-fb-size-166Sarah-Patrick-photobooth-fb-size-200 Gold sparkle is new as of July. I now have THREE beautiful backdrop options: gray damask (shown above), gold sparkle (shown below) and brown damask. Laura-Brian-photobooth-fb-size-4Laura-Brian-photobooth-fb-size-34Laura-Brian-photobooth-fb-size-71Laura-Brian-photobooth-fb-size-103 So, obviously you want one at your wedding now, right? Here's the infos:
  • I don't have the ability to print on-site, which is a bummer. But! A few days after the wedding (same week), I'll get the images processed and up in a gallery where guests can download high-res versions for free. They can do whatever they want with them - post on the Facebooks and print and things like that.
  • I provide all the things I need, except for a small table, which hopefully the venue can pull out. If not, I have a basket things can sit on the ground in. Table is for props. The entire rig requires about a 10x10 space.
  • I bring a bunch of props. You're welcome to add on (hat and boa pictured above were add-ons by a bride's mom - they'll be in the prop bag until they're stolen/broken! PS: please don't steal my props!)
  • It costs $500 + sales tax and that includes the files and all that jazz.
  • If you want to add on, just drop me a line to amber at amberwilkie.com and I'll update your total and I'll bring the photobooth along.
  • Exceptions: Experience has taught me that sometimes the photobooth just won't work out. If your reception is outside or in a tent without walls, the photobooth is liable to blow over and I'll have to babysit it all night. You'd rather I take photos of your guests partying down, I'm sure. The other no-go is if your ceremony and reception are in different venues and parking is a hassle. This is mostly a downtown DC thing, but I've had some troubles needing my photobooth to be in a place where my car cannot. We can chat about it. Otherwise, I would love to photobooth it up at your wedding!
More weddings coming in the next few weeks, promise. And travel photos. And everything.

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