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What you need to know

Hello my wonderful clients! Thanks so much for your business - you guys rock. I put together this page to serve as a reference for you so you don't have to keep digging through emails. I get a lot of the same questions, so I've put them all in one space. Sort of an FAQ for working with your photographer.


To book with me, you'll send a signed contract or fill out my online contract and send a 50% retainer to the address I gave you through email. When I receive those items, your date will be reserved on my calendar and I will be your wedding photographer! I'll get a signed copy back to you in the mail for your records. At this point, you'll be my client and I'll be your photographer and I don't need anything on my end until much closer to your wedding date. On the other hand, I'm more than happy to answer any questions you have so please don't hesitate to write or call with whatever is up!


I have a wedding-day questionnaire I will send about a month out from the wedding. It asks a lot of questions that will help me do my best work for you. Two of the questions are timeline and family photo lists. A month out from your wedding, generally the timeline is starting to solidify. I'll ask when you'd like to do portraits and family photos and how many and which combinations of family photos you'd like. Given your family photo list, I can help you determine if your timeline is set up so that we can get everything you want. This is also when we'll figure out any necessary photographer logistics - where you'd like my second photographer to be, if it would make more sense for us to ride in shuttles at some point, etc. The nitty-gritty talk.

Portrait Timing

I typically ask for half an hour for family formals and half an hour for couple photos. If we're traveling somewhere for either of these, please budget lots of extra time!

Engagement Session

If we're doing an engagement session together, we can schedule at your convenience. I recommend trying to schedule at least a few months out from your wedding. The more popular the month is for weddings, the less likely I am to have time on the weekend for engagement sessions. If you're available on weekdays, timing is much less important as I almost always have weekdays available. We can also schedule close to when you book so you can have save-the-dates, wedding website pictures, etc. I have engagement session images available within three weeks of the session and they'll be available for download immediately from your online gallery. Two links that may be helpful: Engagement Session FAQs Advice on what to wear

The Day of the Wedding

You guys get married. I'll take care of the photos.


Balance is due on the wedding day. For most of my clients, this is the other 50% of your contracted rate - for a handful of you, this figure might have changed some based on additions, etc. Please ask if you're unsure of your balance! I take all kinds of payment, but prefer check because then I don't have to pay 3% to the credit card companies!


If you've opted for a photobooth, my second or I will take care of all setup and things (and we'll discuss logistics for this in the questionnaire). I'll have those photos up on Facebook for your friends to see within a week of the wedding, as well as high-resolution files for you with the rest of your wedding images. I don't edit down these images - I just put everything up on the Facebooks. If you don't want me to do this, let me know before the wedding! (I'd have to charge more to go through and pick out the good ones - that's really time-consuming.)


I like to post a Facebook preview the next day on my Facebook business page. If I can tag you, I will (Facebook is constantly changing how those rules work - but I believe you must have "liked" my page for me to do so.) But feel free to tag yourself! Then, in 4-6 weeks, I'll have your entire gallery for you to view. At this time, I typically blog as a way of showing you my favorite images from your wedding first. I'll also be sending a jump drive in the mail with your high-resolution photos and low-resolution for posting on social media, as well as a print release in case anyone gives you trouble.

Albums and Books

Album video If you've already ordered an album or a book, I'll get started on it right away after delivering your images. The benefit to adding an album into your wedding contract at booking is that it will lock in my pricing. If you purchase an album after you sign your contract, you'll be paying current rates. If you purchase at a later date, balance is due in full before work begins. From there, it will take me about two weeks to deliver proofs to you and another two weeks to order and deliver. (Occasionally, I will be in the middle of an incredibly busy time and may ask for your patience with extending the timeline for me - generally this is going to be in May or October. I appreciate your understanding!) The rest depends on how quickly you are able to give me image selection and review your proofs (and if there are major changes to be made). While I will provide a complete design to you the first time you see your album/book, you're welcome to make any changes, but I do ask that you make all changes together. One round of changes - and any number of changes - is provided in the album cost. Editing fees will be incurred for multiple rounds of edits.


If you've ordered a book, you can either pick all 60 images yourself, or pick any number lower than that and have me fill in the rest.


For albums, you can either have me design the entire thing from scratch, or you can pick out your top 20 images and have me design the album around those.

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