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Shooting the “About Amber” photos

It's too late for you this year, but yesterday was Free Chili Dog day at Hard Times.  George and I went but naturally there was a wait.  We took a walk around Old Town Alexandria and I noticed some really beautiful light falling on this brick wall. Earlier, I had realized that not a single one of the self-portraits I've done over the years are right for this website, so I handed my camera to George and hoped for the best.  And it wasn't so bad! I love these photos because it proves that photography is all about seeing light.  Even though George snapped the shutter, I totally claim these photos as my own.  He would never have chosen this spot to photograph - that's what skill is all about in this business.  Also, we're still working on getting our definitions of aperture lined up.  He's big into astronomy and it makes talking about photography a bit difficult with him. Also, big shout out to Jonathan Thorpe who edited the photo on the left to get rid of the nasty signs (you can see one in the pic on the right).

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