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Bethany Beach

Let me tell you: this beach trip took a lot of planning.  When 12 "young professionals" try to plan a weekend trip together, there are going to be inevitable conflicts.  I am amazed how busy we all are.  But in the end, fully half of us were able to make it to Bethany Beach this weekend.  The weather was amazing, especially considering the horrible heat waves we've been experiencing this summer.  It was very pleasant. We had a riotous good time playing board games, cooking and drinking far too much.  Within 10 minutes of arriving at the beach house, shenanigans were already well under way.  Here's the boys attempting to get the cork out of a huge bottle of red wine.  No one had thought to bring a corkscrew. The next day, we hit the beach.  I'm not much for sitting around in the sand, but I did swim in the Atlantic for the first time ever.  Later, we came back for more drinking/board games and Sara's birthday cake: Colin baked that cake.  He's something of a cake whiz. Ocean City, Maryland has to be somewhat famous for its mini-golf courses.  It was really quite exciting to see so many varieties - vikings, galaxies, dragons, dinosaurs - really, anything you can think of.  We chose Indian Jones golf.  I tied for second-to-last place with this good man. It was fun, but in the way of most vacations, I'm glad to be home.

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