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Biergarten Haus – Washington DC

Since I started blogging about when my friends go out to bars, I've come to realize that we spend a lot of time and money in bars!  I'm too busy today to take that into much consideration, but I'm putting in on the back burner.  To the photos! Biergarten Haus, on H Street NE, was a pretty hip joint.  Very laid-back.  Looking at the menu, the beers looked kinda pricey until you realize that they are served in massive, liver-crushing portions. I helped him drink this.  A beer this size requires a team effort. Sad little half-liters.  They get used and taken away.  A bar-goer can have a relationship with a liter glass. A shady one.  Now let's talk light.  There was very little in this bar.  I'm not about flash - at all - so I'm always trying to work with the ambiance.  In all these bar photos I've been taking, that means grain grain grain.  For a shot like the one above, though, I think it works.  What does Sai see in this beer?  Mystery, intrigue, inebriation. There wasn't anything funny.  They're fake-laughing for the camera.  This was much more the vibe last night.  I guess we were all feeling sorta mellow. I love how phones cast just a little wink of light on the people using them.  It's very pleasant.  Here's Sara on the street, just before we all said our goodbyes.  I love taking photos out in the street after being in a dark bar.  For one, a proper exposure can be had.  But also it's nice to capture that see-you-tomorrow vibe. Thanks UV filter.  I love that you routinely do this to my photos.  But I'm not going to go around with an exposed lens all the time.  I'm far too clumsy for that. To wrap this up, here's Sara again.  Honestly, I don't remember what she said this was supposed to be - some form of drinking invented or at least spread around by a friend not present.  It's the worst light, horrible grain, but definitely my favorite image from the night. Today is our big fake wedding photo shoot.  You'll see many of the same people but dressed up in their wedding finest.  I have the most wonderful, gracious friends.  Okay I'm off - I have so much to do!

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