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Colin’s Last Day – Toledo Lounge

This fine gentleman here is soon off to school again to pursue even higher education.  He held a little soiree at a local "dive bar" (in quotes because they are trying to be a dive bar). We then had falafel at Amsterdam Falafel.  If you haven't been, you need to stop reading this and go get yourself a falafel.  I'm always too excited and hungry to photographically document this place. After that, we played charades in the street.  This group is really big on charades and some of us are scary good at it.  I only have photos of Colin going but we all took turns. A bit earlier in the evening, I had decided to walk from L'Enfant Plaza up to Adams Morgan.  It's about 4 miles.  See, the problem is that I always get off work earlier than everyone else.  My (day) job is cool like that.  So I took a little photowalk.  Here are some people waiting for the bus: I was sitting inside a Borders when I took this, so I don't know if I get to count it as "street photography."  There's something perhaps a bit sneakier or even ballsier involved there. And I'd also like to show you this picture, not because it's so great, but because it represents the very first time I have been wrongfully harassed about taking photographs!  I just let it go when he asked me to stop - I had already gotten my shot - but I know my rights and so should every other photographer.  If you don't, look here (pdf).

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