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With little to do at work yesterday, I was sent home early and decided to take a little photowalk.  It was hotter than I anticipated and it was really quite a miserable walk.  On the whole, though, I came away with a few images I thought worthwhile.  First, I stumbled upon some lovely foliage: As you can perhaps tell, I strapped on the 85mm to get some more practice in before my wedding on Saturday (not *my* wedding, of course).  I did have some focus problems, which I'm going to attribute to keeping the aperture at 1.8 the entire time.  I won't be so careless at the wedding. I love how the 85 gives you such beautiful bokeh everywhere - the 1.8 is sharp sharp sharp. These flowers have been feeling the pain - you can see how at the tips they are burning up.  Don't worry, flowers, this weekend looks very pleasant! Finally, finally I got to the footbridge that would take me back home.  Next time, I'll bring a hat.  It is ungodly humid!

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