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Storm Damage

A powerful thunderstorm moved through Arlington and Alexandria, VA and Washington, DC yesterday afternoon.  From DC it didn't look all that terribly strong - not any worse than the 3 or 4 other storms we've had in the last few weeks - but it did some major damage to trees in the area. George and I had a party to attend.  An ice cream eating party, as it were, which was somewhat fortunate as our friends' power was also out.  The ice cream was getting soft so we went right to work.  But before we could get there, we had to sit through lots of traffic due to trees in the road and such: We passed a dude filming the above tree.  His truck was unmarked and he seemed to be alone.  Pretty impressive equipment for an enthusiast.  Perhaps local media? These last two are from right outside my apartment building.  We're still without power as of leaving for work this morning.  It's supposed to get to 93 today but in an act of optimism (always!) I closed the windows and put down the blinds.  When the A/C comes back, we won't want it blowing out the window!

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