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Trivia Night – Super Grain

My friends are dorks, what can I say?  Some of us are dorky in the socially awkward sense (hand up) and others of us are dorky in the huge-repository-of-random-knowledge sense.  The Random Knowledge guys destroy trivia nights all over this town.  The rest of us have a few beers and struggle to fill in the gaps. Last night we came in third at 51st State, which did not earn us any bar credit.  It's a very dark bar so I've jacked up the exposure, on top of ISO800.  I kind of like the grain - gives it a good gritty feel. On the street, the colors were really weird but kind of neat also. And because I love you (and me), here's a self-portrait I took while waiting for George to do some stuff at his work.  I'm not allowed in because he has one of those no-guests-allowed government jobs.  So I sat in the car and took pictures of myself.  It's a pretty standard situation. Also, you see those glasses there?  I bought them online.  They're supposed to be these nifty new "transitions" lenses.  Only they seem to have permanently transitioned.  They get darker in the sun and lighter indoors but they never seem to go all the way back to clear.  It really emphasizes the dorkiness.

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