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Georgetown University

My travels on Sunday brought me to Georgetown University, accompanying George on a small errand at the science library.  My brilliant husband studies things like quantum mechanics and must sometimes travel to local academic libraries to procure photocopies and such.  He normally gives me a few minutes of "wandering around" time if we're somewhere photogenic so I can make some images. Georgetown University photography - Washington D.C. When I'm out and about, I can almost always point to one thing or scene or person that makes me get out my camera.  Do you know what I'm talking about?  I carry my camera with me 99% of the time but it doesn't always or even most of the time emerge from my bag.  But if I do, there is almost always something I can point to that induced me to take it out.  At Georgetown U., it was this tree.  Look at how awesome all those cut off branches look - it was so graphic and organic at the same time.  I love the contrast. Georgetown University photography - Washington D.C. You might even know at this point that I'm very drawn to symmetry.  Yes, I understand the golden rule and all that, but I also love being able to line up elements of a scene so that the image is evenly balanced.  That is beautiful to me. Georgetown University photography - Washington D.C. Georgetown University photography - Washington D.C. The quote says: "Science and Peace will triumph over ignorance and war, nations will unite, not to destroy, but to build, and the future will belong to those who will have done most for suffering humanity."  -Louis Pasteur Finally, more bees.  If I were to pick out my strongest recurring themes of my blog thus far, it would have to be burritos and bees. Georgetown University photography - Washington D.C.

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