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My camera was denied entrance to the HFStival, despite my holding a lawn seat ticket and carting in less than 85mm worth of glass.  Nevertheless, I had a fantastic time. In the 90s, I was in high school (well, after I was in elementary and then middle school!).  It was a good time for complete obsession with music.  That obsession came full-circle at the HFStival.  First, I got dressed. hfstival dressed up in 90s gear I wasn't done, though.  I got some pigtails in and put on my husband's Doc Martens.  Then it was complete. It's maybe a good thing that I couldn't get my camera into the festival because I was totally, completely, unabashedly into the music, particularly Third Eye Blind. In high school, I played Semi-Charmed Life (the record, not just the single) about a million times.  I played it blasting from my car, shouting out the lyrics.  And yeah, I did that on the way to the show, too. I also got to see Everclear, Presidents of the United States of America, Naughty by Nature, Ed Kowalczyk (the guy from Live) and Billy Idol.  It was really, really cool to see Billy Idol, even though he hardly counts as a "90s" performer.  One of those bands you can say you saw.  Plus, he was pretty seriously awesome. But Third Eye Blind... I never saw them when I loved them like mad.  I'm pretty sure I made up for it at the concert.

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ElizabethSeptember 19, 2010 - 10:52 pm

I loved 3EB SO MUCH in high school. I’m so jealous!

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