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Out of Focus

I want to blame yoga for this feeling, but I'm not sure that's fair. See, about three weeks ago, I signed up for a gym membership.  I have no intention of getting on a treadmill or lifting weights, but I do want to take up yoga again.  I really enjoyed it in high school and I don't get any other exercise, so I figured it'd be a good move.  It was cheaper to get a whole gym membership than take individual classes in a yoga studio, so that's what I did. Only now it seems that I am constantly busy.  I come home from work, cook most of dinner, go to yoga, finish making dinner and then serve and eat.  At this point it's nearly 9pm.  Time enough to have 5 minutes of conversation with my husband, maybe read a book for half an hour and then go to sleep.  Ironically, yoga is making me so busy I feel more stressed. I've had this awful anxious feeling for about a month now.  I normally shake off these moods really easily.  In part, it's that I'm excited for everything going on with my photography.  I've definitely had some encouraging events and news over the last month (and yes, also some disappointments).  I guess I'm unsure what the other parts might be.  I feel simultaneously exhausted and amped up.  And also that there is something I should be doing that I'm not (though I don't know what). Sorry for the rant - just feeling a little weird lately.  I also am blogging to share that two nights ago I photographed Jimmy Smits, Spanish-language talk show host Cristina, Giselle Itié (from the Expendables) and several other actors and bigwigs for the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts' Noche de Gala (not portraits, just event coverage).  To be honest, it was a bit overwhelming.  I'll have photos up eventually, after my clients have had a chance to post, etc. Next week I'll be in Duluth, Minn. so I may not be updating as frequently.  We stay in a hotel that's quite far from any of the "action" downtown.  Not that there is much going on in Duluth on a good day.  Plus, the highs are supposed to be in the fifties.  Summer ends early in Duluth.

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