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I take a lot of self-portraits.  First, photos of people tend to be a lot more interesting than photos of just about anything else.  I'm a person, so that counts.  Plus, I'm always around.  I also think posing myself has helped me a lot in figuring out angles, shadows, etc. for photographing other people.  Still, it does make me feel a bit narcissistic. When I first started doing this, I only showed the pretty photos - the ones where I thought I looked good. self-portrait in the bathroom mirror But that gets boring really quickly.  Now I find myself making all kinds of ridiculous faces at myself and at the camera.  To get the image on the right here, this scene took place: George: "What are you doing in there?" Me: "I'm laughing so the photo looks natural." self-portrait in the bathroom mirror Is this a waste of time?  Am I totally ridiculous?  I guess I've answered that one too. self-portrait in the bathroom mirror

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Damien FrancoSeptember 15, 2010 - 5:14 am

It’s all about having fun!

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