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Stuff I Love: El Charrito Caminante

There is a magical taqueria in Arlington that serves amazing, delicious burritos for $4 a pop.  That's with guacamole, even though I have to pass now that I have allergies.  No, it's not a fairy story.  It's El Charrito Caminante.  Were you thinking about going to McDonalds?  Taco Bell, Burger King, Popeyes or any fast-food restaurant anywhere?  Don't do that.  Go to El Charrito.  You can even call it what George and I do: "the four-dollar burrito place."  You'll be rewarded. el charrito caminante arlington virginia El Charrito doesn't have a website.  It's not that kind of place.  Nestled between a 7-11 and a pizza shop on Washington Blvd., it's the kind of place where everyone besides you is ordering in Spanish.  The man I assume to be the owner is always behind the counter, at least every time I've been there.  The place is open something like 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.  And he's a surly dude.  The first time we came in, George and I wanted to split a burrito.  We asked for sour cream on the side and the guy said "no" and went to help another customer!  But hey, for $4 burritos, don't expect white tablecloths.  Oh, and they have Mexican coke - with sugar. el charrito caminante arlington virginia The anticipation is incredible.  Let's end it. el charrito caminante arlington virginia Ahh sweet mana from heaven.  I ate this burrito about an hour ago and I'm instantly hungry for another.  I think the thing that makes these burritos so amazing is the beans.  They're not wet, at all.  I think they spread a thin layer on the tortilla and then grill the tortilla so the beans dry up quite a bit.  Then they throw on all the extras.  Man, this is a tasty burrito! el charrito caminante arlington virginia You want it.  You know you want it. el charrito caminante arlington virginia Yes! As a side note, it's not easy to take a flattering picture of yourself eating a burrito!  I just went with the unflattering ones.

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