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Stuff I love: Pinterest!

I haven't done a "stuff I love" post in a while (for more, see the category), so it's high time I talked about my hands-down favorite bookmark thing on the web: pinterest.  If you are a visual person (hello graphic designers, fashionistas, photographers), this is for you. screen shot of bookmarking program pinterest It works like this:  You are on a website with an awesome photo or a recipe you want to try or something you want to purchase.  You hit "pin it" (after you install the browser extension) and then you choose from available images on the page to "pin".  You write a short description, choose the "board" where the pin belongs, and hit enter.  Pinterest sends your note and image to your bookmark page and you go on browsing.  Later, when you want to review your photos/recipes, etc., you draw up your board and you can see everything laid out for you in a very visual display. This works really, really well for me to save inspiring photography or to keep notes about poses I want to try with my couples. example of pinterest board with wedding images In short, it's totally awesome. If you want to join, you might need an invite.  Just email me and I'll be happy to send you one!  And don't forget to follow my boards and such so I can follow you back! And because I love you, here is the one non-intuitive thing I can share about Pinterest that you might not figure out on your own:  If you highlight text on the page before you hit "pin it", it will automatically insert that text into the entry box.  Happy pinning!

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