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Summer is not over!

So yesterday was September 1 and it seemed everyone on the 'net and elsewhere thought it appropriate to start talking about the fall and how summer is "coming to a close."  I saw the phrase "last days of summer" a lot yesterday.  Well, folks, it's supposed to hit 95 today.  Summer is not over.  All these fall-beckoners make me want to throw on the brakes even harder.  This summer has been way too busy and the fall isn't looking any better.  In the meantime, though, I'm going to enjoy these awesome things about summer:
  • Long walks at night.  The mosquitoes may be thirsting for us, but we brush them off and keep going.  What is more lovely than a late-evening stroll with your partner?  I learned to love hot, humid nights in New Orleans and that's still some of my favorite walking environments.
  • Ice cream cones.  Drippy ones, eaten cross-legged on bright green grass.
  • The water.  In a boat, on the shore, by the pool - being around a lot of water is somehow calming.  You don't get the same effect with ice.
  • Outdoor dining.  We ate outside last night and it was beautiful.  I definitely miss dining "al fresco" in the colder months.
  • Free events all the time.  DC is a bastion for free entertainment and the summer months jam-pack in the fun.  Literally, I have to pick-and-choose each weekend.  There are always so many events going on!  Things dry up a bit as the fall settles in.
  • Congressional recess.  This town slows waaaaay down for August.  We've got a week or so left of peace before the lawmakers return.
  • Fresh produce.  Growing up in California and then spending the next 5 years in New Orleans, I never realized that fruits and vegetables had seasons.  In Cali, everything is fresh and delicious all the time.  Here, you gotta get your tomatoes while the getting's good.  And right now it's very, very good.
I think that'll do for a list.  It's good to stop and enjoy what's going on now.  Too many people are encouraging me to look to fall colors, picking apples and wearing scarves.  No way!  I want my summer for as long as it'll have me.  And now, some funny DC action.  If this is on your license plate, you almost certainly don't have it.

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