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My first press release!

Okay no, not for my photography business.  I'm included in the photo that will go out with a press release about the Burke & Herbert calendar I told you about.  Pretty sure I shouldn't be stealing the photo and posting it here, but you can see it and a couple of others from the quick shoot here.  Less than a week later, and as I sit here typing this, I am wearing the same exact outfit.  In the photo, I'm the third person from the left. It's true, I was trying to look hip for the photo.  I tried on a couple things but in the end, grabbed the clothes that make me feel like me.  The skirt I'm wearing used to have black in it.  Yeah, not so much anymore.  Do I look hip? Also, check my ridiculous transition glasses.  As soon as I get my lazy butt to the Costco for an eye exam, I will have a new prescription and order some more damn glasses online - two pairs - sunglasses and regular glasses!  These transitions drive me nuts by never being real sunglasses and never being regular glasses.  They're this horrible constant cloudy shade of brown. And because this is a photo blog, here are some more photos of the sky and all the awesome things it does, all the time, because it's cool like that. neat clouds and sunrise over arlington, va cool clouds over air force memorial, arlington, va

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