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Tuesday on the Web

Greetings from Dania Beach, Florida!  The organization I work for has its headquarters here and so at least a couple times a year I find myself down here.  It's not the most exciting place in the world, but it is very different from Washington.  If it doesn't rain too much, I'll have a full post with images from Dania.  For now, a palm frond.

On the Web

Each Tuesday, I post a roundup of the best stuff I saw on the internet that week.  Enjoy! One Book, Many Readers - Choose Your Own Adventure I'm still working my way through this long article, but it's a pretty cool statistical analysis (there it is again!) of choose your own adventure books.  I was obsessed with these things as a kid. Helen and Ross in Montone, Italy via Leo Patrone Some day, I will go to Italy. I will go to Italy. I will go to Italy. Do you ever start freaking out because you haven't been to Italy?  Leo Patrone is one of my photo heroes.  Some day I'll post a list of those. The 10 Secrets of a Master Networker Everyone that has a job could stand to be a better "networker." Like just about everybody, that phrase scares the crap out of me, especially when I realize that it's probably vital for my business.  I always enjoy hearing how other people pull it off seamlessly and this dude is like a networking god.  The headline may be a bit off-putting but I found this article really fascinating. A Comprehensive rap-graphic This is too awesome not to pass along. DIY hula-hoop pool warmers via Lifehacker I don't have a pool or know anyone who has a pool (okay actually not true but I can't see Ray putting these in his pool, right?) but this idea to use the sun's energy to heat your pool is DIY and brilliant. palm frond

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