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I'm not gonna lie, Zody and I had a difference of opinion.  He thought my entire life's energy should be spent hanging out with him, and so wanted to make sure I knew he was being ignored.  He did so with incredibly loud, high-pitched yelps.  He had this difference of opinion with everyone in the house.  See, we were deliberately ignoring him because he is a dog.  Now I'm a dog person.  I love dogs.  I love all dogs everywhere - ugly dogs, stinky dogs, little dogs, big dogs, hairy dogs, naked dogs - dogs dogs dogs.  I love them.  But me and Zody, we just didn't see eye-to-eye.  I'm sorry to say I was not a Zody fan. But I did go with my dad to walk him a couple times while I was at his house.  I took my camera along, too. And bonus photo: snails.  I feel like there are hardly any snails here on the East Coast.  Not sure why that would be, but I certainly remember snails everywhere as a kid.

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