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MCP Week 2/52 – Self-portraits

I've talked about the windows in my apartment before, and I probably will again.  They are fantastic.  After this maybe 5 minute self-portrait session on my bed, I'm very much thinking about doing some boudoir right here in my home.  Is anyone interested in boudoir photography?  First serious person will be my guinea pig in this space and won't have to pay.  Everyone else will have to make it rain. I think I'd be really, really good at boudoir.  I'm not scared around nekkid people and I've always been fascinated by sexuality.  I secretly think it might be my destiny.  Anyway, I shot these for MCP Actions' 52 Week project.    The theme was "illustrate a song" and I have had Tom Petty's "Free Falling" in my head all week.  I ended up making a diptych, which you don't see here because I used the full images alone. self-portrait on my bed me in my amazing soft window light What makes this light so lovely is that part of my building juts out a few apartments down, which blocks the sun after 3pm or so this time of year, taking away any direct light and deep shadows that would ensue.  This lets the very soft, even light from the sky to fill in through these enormous windows.  Pretty, right?  No not me, the way I'm lit! looking out my window self-portrait on my bed - thinking jumping on the bed

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