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Shooting for LE and MCP

This morning, I worked on my assignments for Lighting Essentials and MCP Actions' separate 52 Week projects.  They just so happen to be the same this week - shooting something around the house.  LE asks us to use our immediate environment to elaborate on a mission statement.  I'll have that up later this week.  But I wanted to post a few outtakes up here. self-portrait I was experimenting this morning with a concept I've had in mind for a while.  The great portrait artists all manage to capture this brilliant depth in their images - a feeling that the subject is very intimately involved with the viewer.  When you're looking at a page of images, that doesn't seem difficult to accomplish.  But it really, really is. So my idea with this was to speak to my camera.  Yes, I literally spoke aloud about photography, about trying to be "cool", whatever else came out of my mouth.  I was hoping that by speaking intensely about things I am passionate about or scared about, etc. I could show some of that on my face, in a totally unstaged way.  I've been thinking this might be a good way to get that depth in my portraits.  I imagine it would be easier to do with two people than me trying to time it right.  To not get photos with my mouth open, I still had to stop every now and then to let the shutter click.  I have just three of these (two here plus my submission) but they seem genuine to me - this is how I think I look. self-portrait self-portrait And then there are these.  I do enjoy the gigantic windows in my apartment, except when I'm trying to sleep in. self-portrait self-portrait with george - happy couple self-portrait - blurry girl

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