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Over the weekend, I went to the Newseum here in Washington, DC.  We bought the Groupon ages ago and it was the last weekend to use it.  The Groupon line was impressively long, all day.  But my fascination with "social buying" is best espoused elsewhere.  In any case, the museum was great.  My two favorite exhibits were the temporary Katrina one - obviously a subject close to my heart - and the 9/11 exhibit.  Black and white photos below are reflections from the 9/11 one.  But first, two of my favorite guys: george and colin at the newseum, washington dc 9/11 exhibit at the newseum 9/11 exhibit in washington dc In other non-photography-or-wedding-related news, I busted my knee later that night.  I was walking up an escalator, my left foot slipped and my right knee, lifted in mid-step, slamming right into the sharp edge of the escalator stair.  I spent 4.5 hours in the urgent care clinic, where they pronounced me contused (har) and sent me home to get a knee brace and "take it easy."  I hate hate hate not being able to walk correctly.  I'm a big big walker so it's really painful to have to sit around all day not able to do any of my normal stuff.  Plus, I had already missed almost a month of yoga because my toothache was so distracting.  Alas.  On the plus side, it should be fine in a few weeks, tops.  It already feels better today than it did yesterday.

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