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Stuff I Love: Pandora

I'm not sure I love music.  I'm definitely not into jazz, can't name all the band members from any group at all, don't know anything about genres and generally don't care who's playing it.  What I love is dancing.  I'm not sure if it makes me weird or normal, but when the music comes on after the cocktail hour, I hit my freakin' stride at weddings.  I never thought I would enjoy taking dancing photos so much, but with the music pumping and the energy of everyone gettin' down, I really get happy. And though I can bust a move and know the lyrics to lots of stuff (which seems to surprise people...), I have no idea who sings anything.  That's where Pandora comes in.  This brilliant online, free radio station allows you to enter one artist/song/album or a whole bunch and spits out similar music.  So if you put in a whole bunch of artists you enjoy, it will throw back all manner of other music that you will also enjoy.  I love the hell out of Pandora.  I can put it on at the beginning of a party and just sit back and let it do its thing.  At boudoir sessions, I can throw on Barry White or whoever my subject thinks is sexy and it will produce a great soundtrack for the shoot.  Try it out, you'll like it. dancing at a wedding reception  

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