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Womens Health rally on the National Mall

I love protests.  Truth is, regardless of what people are protesting about, I love photographing the excitement, the signs, and the passion people bring to their rallies.  Working just a few steps from the National Mall, I have many opportunities to get down there and capture some of the spirit.  It's a double bonus when the rally is about something I believe in. I Stand with Planned Parenthood The conservative movement in Congress has been waging a fight against womens health recently and it's up to regular old women (and men) to put a stop to it.  You can sign a petition and find out more information right here. After attending the rally, though, I'm not the least bit worried about womens health in America.  Planned Parenthood got something like six Congressmen up on the stage to speak - even as our government prepares to shut down.  That's a big deal.  Now, without further ado, the images:

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