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It's been about a million years since I posted something personal on the blog. With wedding season in full swing, the blog runs itself on happy couples vowing to share the rest of their lives. But in the meantime, yes, I have been doing things and getting on. My husband, George, just returned from a five-week work trip to Europe. Every time he leaves, I think I'll be bored and lonely and pack my calendar full of things to occupy myself. In the meantime, I judge this so poorly that I end up being mad busy the entire time he's gone and rushing to catch up when he does return. Maybe next year I'll find the right balance. In any case! I was kind of all over the place in August this year, but this past week spent four days in Boston. It's a hell of a town, with tons of stuff to see and scads of events going on every day. If it weren't so damn cold nine months out of the year, it would be really ideal for spending a big chunk of time. boston travel photography I'm good at traveling by myself. It gets lonely, sure, but I get to do whatever I want at any particular moment. A sweet bonus to solo travel is that you can often snag a seat at the bar of two-hour-wait restaurants - just walk on up and they put you in one of the gaps created by more sociable diners. My trip included karaoke (my go-to is Maggie May), a little bit of drunken debauchery (with the other hostel travelers), plenty of Freedom Trail learning, buying books from the Harvard Bookstore, witnessing a bizarre and fascinating Italian parade that included throwing tons of shredded paper into the street, way too many pastries, way too many indulgent dinners, endless walking, multiple books read, and just a few photos taken. For me, a photo trip is a distinctly different trip than other kinds of travel. A photo trip is work in a way that I was not interested in working here. So you just get a handful of images, because I only took a handful. Little flavor of Boston, perhaps. Must go back soon.

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