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Dana & Hal | Josephine Butler Parks Center wedding | Washington, DC

Dana and Hal were married in February, if you can believe it. For one glorious weekend, this oppressive winter we've been having lifted and granted them the most ridiculously beautiful day one could possibly hope for a DC winter wedding. The Josephine Butler Parks Center was a classy, bright yellow backdrop to their laughter-filled ceremony and rollicking reception. Meigh with Lula Mae did a great job putting it all together. Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-13 We started the day at Meridian Manor Bed and Breakfast, an incredibly charming old house just a couple blocks down from the JBPC. Dana's tiny friends devoured the strawberries provided by Alison Harper & Co. (It's so cute that they do that!) Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-1Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-2Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-3 I have to tell you, this mirror was making me so happy. Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-4Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-5Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-6Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-7 All prettied up, we got Dana over to the Josephine Butler Parks Center for a "first look" with Hal on the mansion's balcony. Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-8Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-9Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-10Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-11Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-12Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-14 And we had plenty of time to pop across the street for some extra portraits in Meridian Hill Park. Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-15Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-16Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-17Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-18Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-19Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-20Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-21Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-22Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-23Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-24Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-25Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-27Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-28Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-30Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-31Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-32 Now I will post like 8 thousand photos that happened within 10 seconds of each other. I just love each one of them. Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-34Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-36 Especially Hal already marveling at his ring. Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-38Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-39Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-40 Christine assured me Dana would like this photo. Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-41Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-42Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-43Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-44 Dana's mom rocked the Polaroid guest book. Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-45Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-46Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-47Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-48Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-49 The "cool people" table, hard at work. Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-50Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-51Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-53Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-54Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-55Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-56Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-58Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-59Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-60Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-61Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-62Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-63Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-64 To wrap the night, and apparently to wrap every wedding from the clan, Dana's enormous family gathered around and offered a sing-along and then purely a capella rendition of The Doors' "Touch Me". It was pretty awesome. Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-66Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-DC-67 Congratulations, you guys! Dana & Hal's rockin' vendor team: Planning: Lula Mae Ceremony and reception site: Josephine Butler Parks Center Bride getting-ready venue: Meridian Manor Bed and Breakfast Groom getting-ready venue: Washington Marriott Wardman Park Caterer: Main Event Caterers Cakes/Cupcakes: Sweet Moon Cakes DJ: DJ PeeGee Cocktail Hour String Musicians: String Poets Hair & Makeup: Alison Harper & Co. Dana's beautiful dress: Amy Kuschel “Clover” from Che Bella Boutique in St. Paul, Minnesota

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Kathy AngelMarch 10, 2014 - 3:38 pm

So neat to see another family tradition at weddings! The ladies in my extended family do a dance to Crocodile Rock at every wedding where we count to 3 and jump on the ground and wiggle our legs in the air. It’s hilarious, embarrassing and awesome all at the same time. Lovely wedding!!

Pamela MooreMarch 11, 2014 - 2:45 am

Wow, fantastic pics! Very refreshing to see our dear Mother Earth provide what looked like a perfectly beautiful day to celebrate your union. All the best to you both.

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