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2014 Year in Review

We did it, folks. We completed another year. In 2014, I documented dozens of unions – full of joy and complexity and faith and love. Some were small affairs – some even small enough that I was the only witness. Some were massive throwdowns. All were really, really great.

I said it last year and the year before (and the year before that), and I’ll say it again now: I have the best job and the best clients. Here’s a question I get all the time from people at cocktail parties and the like (because I’m super-fancy and I go to cocktail parties alllll the time): “do you have any great stories about bridezillas?” I always disappoint them because no, I really don’t. Literally every single couple I have ever worked with has been easygoing, genuinely in love with each other (as far as I can tell!) and, well, nice.


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Anthony & Christopher | Washington DC intimate wedding | Jefferson Memorial

Anthony and Christopher were married steps from Mr. Jefferson, rocking his big, pretty memorial. Don’t get too excited, though – I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to get married on the memorial itself. But if you’re quick and hide in a corner and don’t bring too many guests, who’s to say you’re not just huddled about looking happy because founding fathers, etc. etc.? Democracy, Monticello, marriage! Anthony and Christopher:


There was literally one tree with any leaves still on it.


I try to make people do “sexy GQ” but I always end up preferring candid and fun.


Jefferson silently approves.


Congratulations, guys!

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Ronee & Bill | Arts Club of Washington, DC wedding

Ronee and Bill feel things. You can tell because you can see that shiz plain as day on their faces. Love, joy, admiration, astonishment. They tied the knot at the Arts Club of Washington in a ceremony that can only be described as a production. They have scads of theater friends and so their semi-DIY wedding was a complete triumph of execution, design and performance. And it was fun, too. Ronee and Bill:


We started the day right next door at the Hotel Lombardy.


Then hopped over one so these two lovebirds could say hello. (Also, pause – look at Ronee’s ridiculously pretty dress!)


In the car, on the way to Constitution Gardens – one of my favorite spots to get greenery and water and a quick DC scene without having to travel far.


Yes, this is the National Mall.

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