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Katherine & Kermit | National Portrait Gallery engagement | Washington, DC

Katherine and Kermit are all kinds of awesome. After scrapping a National Mall / monuments rodeo with their engagement photos, they switched up on me for the National Portrait Gallery and American Art Museum which, in my humble opinion, is a way more interesting place to do engagement photos. Kermit is goofy as hell. It's very rare that I don't have to yell silly things at my clients to make them laugh. Kermit was plenty silly all by himself. They seem pretty good together, these two. National-Portrait-Gallery-engagement-photos-11National-Portrait-Gallery-engagement-photos-1 Check out Katherine's banging red lace dress. National-Portrait-Gallery-engagement-photos-2 He really did all this by himself. National-Portrait-Gallery-engagement-photos-3National-Portrait-Gallery-engagement-photos-4 LL approves. National-Portrait-Gallery-engagement-photos-6National-Portrait-Gallery-engagement-photos-7National-Portrait-Gallery-engagement-photos-8National-Portrait-Gallery-engagement-photos-9 We decided to call this one "between two Bushes." National-Portrait-Gallery-engagement-photos-10 Apparently this is an important piece of art. There were actual people looking at it that we annoyed (for the record, I try not to do that - I just didn't realize). National-Portrait-Gallery-engagement-photos-12National-Portrait-Gallery-engagement-photos-13National-Portrait-Gallery-engagement-photos-15National-Portrait-Gallery-engagement-photos-16 Congratulations, you guys!

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