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Mengci & Fan | Fairfax Courthouse wedding | Virginia

Mengci and Fan took me to a new courthouse : Fairfax. They're very serious about the no-camera policy (except the ones on our phones - those are cool) but they more than make up for it with their choice of outdoor location - you can get married right in their beautiful, flower-filled courtyard! So that's what Mengci and Fan did, obviously, spurning the ever-ready conference-room action. An enormous troupe of friends joined them for their nuptials, in-between classes. Fairfax-courthouse-wedding-photography-19Fairfax-courthouse-wedding-photography-1Fairfax-courthouse-wedding-photography-2Fairfax-courthouse-wedding-photography-3Fairfax-courthouse-wedding-photography-4Fairfax-courthouse-wedding-photography-5Fairfax-courthouse-wedding-photography-6Fairfax-courthouse-wedding-photography-8Fairfax-courthouse-wedding-photography-9Fairfax-courthouse-wedding-photography-10Fairfax-courthouse-wedding-photography-12Fairfax-courthouse-wedding-photography-13Fairfax-courthouse-wedding-photography-14 Right next door to the modern thing is the historic courthouse with all manner of lovely arches to play with. Fairfax-courthouse-wedding-photography-16Fairfax-courthouse-wedding-photography-17 And we hopped over to a lovely little park nearby for some woodsy action. Out there in the boonies, you can do that - the woods are literally all around. Fairfax-courthouse-wedding-photography-20Fairfax-courthouse-wedding-photography-21Fairfax-courthouse-wedding-photography-22 I got like 10 mosquito bites in the course of six minutes. Fairfax-courthouse-wedding-photography-23 But it was worth it. Congratulations you guys! Hair & Makeup: Face & Crown

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