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Sultana & Mark | Peirce Mill engagement session | Washington, DC

Sultana and Mark have a secret. It's not that they're getting married. We romped up to Peirce Mill last week for their engagement session and took a spin through Rock Creek and whatever the other creek is that runs into it. Peirce Mill is a great little spot. And no one was there because it was about to rain. The secret is this: they're superheroes. Peirce-Mill-engagement-session-9Peirce-Mill-engagement-session-1Peirce-Mill-engagement-session-2Peirce-Mill-engagement-session-3Peirce-Mill-engagement-session-4Peirce-Mill-engagement-session-5Peirce-Mill-engagement-session-6Peirce-Mill-engagement-session-7Peirce-Mill-engagement-session-8Peirce-Mill-engagement-session-10 Their super-power? Making it not rain for exactly the amount of time we needed to do their photo shoot. Peirce-Mill-engagement-session-12 Congratulations, you guys!

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