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Alyssa & Matt | Meridian Hill Park engagement session | Washington, DC

Alyssa and Matt are pretty seriously cuddly, y'all. These two got engaged at Meridian Hill Park, so that's where we went for their engagement photos, tromping around the architecture and the one or two trees still clinging to the last strands of fall. The weatherguys said it would be raw, but it was actually beautiful - sunshiny and winter-clear. A lovely day for my last 2014 photo shoot. Meridian-Hill-Park-engagement-session-DC-16 We started in their home, which is a lovely place to start an engagement session. Particularly when you have so much natural light. Meridian-Hill-Park-engagement-session-DC-1Meridian-Hill-Park-engagement-session-DC-2Meridian-Hill-Park-engagement-session-DC-3Meridian-Hill-Park-engagement-session-DC-4Meridian-Hill-Park-engagement-session-DC-5Meridian-Hill-Park-engagement-session-DC-6 Matt proposed right on this bench. Spoilers: she said yes. Meridian-Hill-Park-engagement-session-DC-7Meridian-Hill-Park-engagement-session-DC-8Meridian-Hill-Park-engagement-session-DC-9 One of my favorite portrait spots in the park got some seriously mean-looking graffiti, so we rocked it a different way. (PSA to people who put graffiti on public places: dudes, come on, not in the best portico.) Meridian-Hill-Park-engagement-session-DC-11Meridian-Hill-Park-engagement-session-DC-12Meridian-Hill-Park-engagement-session-DC-13Meridian-Hill-Park-engagement-session-DC-15Meridian-Hill-Park-engagement-session-DC-17Meridian-Hill-Park-engagement-session-DC-18 Congratulations you guys! More from Alyssa and Matt next year. And no more from me until the dreaded/anticipated Best of 2014 post. Happy holidays everyone!

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