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This week, I worked on two of my goals for the year: meeting more photographers and taking more personal photos. Because I'm both impulsive and a natural leader (that is, I just like bossing people around and I'm always the one that says "well, I'll do it". Also, after doing some feminist reading recently, I feel the need to own the phrase "leader" instead of putting something more gentle and unobtrusive like "outgoing". And I just wanted a third thing in these brackets), I just threw a photo walk on one of the local photographer calendars.washington-dc-photowalk-12 We started at the Lincoln and just walked around, enjoying this fair city we live in. Afterwards, we had beers. Photowalks are always better when there are beers at the end. washington-dc-photowalk-1washington-dc-photowalk-2washington-dc-photowalk-3washington-dc-photowalk-4washington-dc-photowalk-5washington-dc-photowalk-6 The pond at Constitution Gardens is frozen solid a good 20 feet in. I'd say the ice was at least four inches deep. No one else would stand on it with me. washington-dc-photowalk-7 But they were happy to photograph me standing on it. This is what photographer meetups look like. washington-dc-photowalk-8 And this is what giant wasps' nests look like. Terrifying! I almost never say "I'm so glad it's winter" but I did when I saw this guy. washington-dc-photowalk-9washington-dc-photowalk-10washington-dc-photowalk-11 On our way to the bar, we happened across all these skaters in Freedom Plaza. It was pretty awesome to watch them jump this thing. washington-dc-photowalk-13washington-dc-photowalk-14washington-dc-photowalk-15 And that's all for this installment. Until next time.

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CatherineJanuary 12, 2015 - 8:46 pm

Lots of awesome photos here! I’m curious as a non-photographer: when you do this kind of thing, do you set up for the best shots or just get lucky (with lots of shots, obviously)? For example, in the 3rd photo, did you prep for that, or were you just in the right place at the right moment? (I imagine there was at least a little prep for the skateboarding shots.)

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