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Introducing: Photobooths!

Hello my friends! I'm so excited to introduce a new offering in my extremely limited lineup of photography services: photobooths! I'm super jazzed to be able to offer this to my wedding clients because they are incredibly fun, as you are about to see, if you've never experienced one for yourself. I don't know what it is about photobooths, but I love them and as far as I can tell, so does everybody else. Here's what the images look like. I'll set up my stuff in a corner, with easy-to-follow instructions, and your guests will click the shutter to their hearts content, capturing the zaniness that is them. For a limited time, my wedding photobooth add-on is just $400. I'll set it up starting with cocktail hour, if you want and that makes sense, all the way through the end of the night. You'll get the images in high-res along with your wedding photos. You will also have the photobooth images on Facebook, ready for your friends to get juiced all over again, within one week of your wedding. wedding photobooth This all took place within like 30 seconds. This is what photobooths do to people. And since I'm so excited and because I love photobooths and because I have the best clients ever and as a reward for reading my blog, the first person to write me about adding on a photobooth will get it for free. So step on up, y'all, I'm ready to get this party started. (So the freebie went within 1 minute of me posting this on Facebook - you guys are fast!)

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Awesome stuff to buy | A tale of two canvases

All my wedding (and portrait) coverage comes with full-resolution files on DVD or jump drive (thinking about switching to jump drives soon).  So why would anyone want to buy a canvas from me when they could just go online and order from the discount guys?  Well, that's why I'm writing this post.  Like any good frugal girl, I scooped up a Groupon recently for a Cafe Press canvas - $39 for a 16x20 - what a steal!  And when it came, I was happy... for about 30 seconds.  I'll show you why.  The Cafe Press canvas is on the right, a canvas ordered from my professional lab is on the left: comparing canvases from professional lab and cafe press (For full disclosure: the photo on the right comes from Scenic Las Vegas Weddings - yes we got married in Vegas - and the one on the left is courtesy of Tara Welch.)  They both look pretty good, right?  But take a look at the original files for both of these.  First, from Tara: You'll note that the canvas looks almost identical to the image (except for the color cast, added later).  There are grays and blacks and whites, just as they show in the image.  And the file from my wedding: Scroll back up and check it out.  The consumer lab blew the hell out of the contrast, turning my veil and dress into one big white blob.  Are there flowers in my bouquet?  Can't tell.  Do I have beading on my dress?  Well, not important.  In fact, you can't even see that I have a veil on at all!  Just to prove that my canvas was a faaaaaar cry from what I had ordered, there was a small print out of the image I sent them - looking just like this - in the same package as my canvas (wish I had saved it). I took photos of the other details about these canvases and the truth is, they're pretty close - I doubt anyone would spend the extra money on these bits (professional lab on the left, consumer lab on the right).  But you can tell that the binding is a bit tighter and the canvas texture is a little finer. different details from cafe press and professional canvas back of canvases from cafe press and professional lab The fact of the matter is that there is a huge quality difference between what the consumer is able to purchase directly, online or otherwise, and the professional lab I order through.  Additionally, when you purchase canvases, prints and certainly fine art albums, I spend a lot of additional time editing the files - cloning out any skin imperfections you might object to and taking the extra time to get the file looking its best.  I can't spend this much time on all the files - I'd have to charge a whole lot more! I'm a really big fan of fine art canvases - I think they are a beautiful, modern way to display your wedding photos.  If you're interested in ordering or have any questions, please just drop me a line and let me know!

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Awesome stuff to buy | Coloring books

If you're anything like me, you're looking for ideas for your wedding that will be a bit off-beat and quirky.  That's why I created this goofy, fun coloring book for Stephanie & Colin.  I wanted to make something special for these two for Stephanie's birthday and drew significant inspiration from Photojojo's tutorial on making coloring books for kids.  But why should the kids get all the fun?  I think these would make really cute bridal party presents or even an unusual guest book for your wedding - have your guests color in a page or part of a page, and then write all over the rest! I'm pretty proud of this little book. coloring guest book page from a coloring guest book couple in a coloring book outlines you can color in of couple coloring book for wedding guests creative guest book make-your-own coloring book couple in coloring book bowtie in a coloring guest book creative guest book If you're interested in having me create a coloring book from your photo session, drop me a line and let's chat!

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