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Photobooths = Wedding vendor networking

Okay one more post in 2012. In the land of weddings, it's important to get to know other vendors and other photographers. They become referral sources (we can all only work one event on a Saturday, so once we're booked, we have to pass those people on). And because the wedding world is, honestly, such a funloving, happy place, much of our networking involves basically partying. Thankfully, at our monthly meetups, there is always a photobooth to document the occasion. Here are the photobooth printouts I saved from a year's worth of networking. Enjoy, if you can call it that. networking photobooth You really must forgive some of these scans. I don't have an expensive do-it-all scanner thing - just a portable guy that can be somewhat temperamental.    And, finally, the coup de grace - where Jonathan asked the photobooth dude what the record was for total number of people in the booth at any one time. We beat it. Well that will about finish up the blog for 2012. Have a very happy New Years and get ready for the awesomeness that will be 2013!

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Dale LempaDecember 31, 2012 - 10:44 am

It DOES look like fun.

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