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Evening Light and On the Web

In a little bit, I'm going to post some links.  But first, I want to share the beautiful evening light George and I ran into on the way to a free outdoor movie in Crystal City (it was Star Trek and it was just as good the second time). My poor, darling husband.  I photograph him as though he were a woman and then to make matters worse, I put him next to a flower.  Hold on, I think I can fix this. Ah-ha!  Much better, right?  He suffers because I only have a man to photograph but want to practice making girl-worthy images.  The man takes it in stride.  He submitted to these images very gracefully. Now then, the On the Web section of my post.  I have a lot of stuff in my feed reader and for a while now I've been saving bits and pieces to share on a website.  I will try to make a new list each week with the interesting things I've seen around the interwebs.  I'm just getting started on it, though, so the list is a bit sparse this week.  I'll work on it for the future.

On the Web

Quick Pickles via Paupered Chef Our garden hasn't produced a "bumper crop" of cucumbers, as some other gardeners have enjoyed.  A quick batch of pickles from the one or two we get each week is in order. Make a DIY tilt-shift lens for under $10 Tilt-shift is all the rage in photography - weddings and otherwise.  I'm glad to see the adventurous DIY types get on the front end of this so I don't have to figure these things out myself! Homemade Horchata! I lived in Mexico for a few months after college and fell in love with horchata - a cinnamon flavored sweet rice drink.  I swear that it always tasted delicious in Mexico and here always tastes like sugared chalk.  Maybe the homemade version will be an improvement... Digital Workflow using Adobe Camera RAW, Bridge and Photoshop I'm sure this article will change my photography and my business.  I've been wasting so much time.

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