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Four Friends | Alexandria portrait photographer

Just in case I fall off the blogging wagon here in a little bit, I wanted to wish all my clients and readers and their families a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Eat two slices of pie for me!  Now back to our regularly scheduled programming... It's always a special compliment when a fellow photographer wants you to take her picture.  Brenda contacted me about doing some portraits when three of her best friends all converged in Alexandria, Virginia by chance.  Not wanting to miss the opportunity, we headed out to picturesque Old Town for some shots around the beautiful brick buildings and waterfront.  It was a perfect day for portraits.  It was chilly but very very still.  Our poor girl from Alabama was feeling the cold but I think everybody else would agree that it was a lovely day. The lovely ladies: Lynna, Joyce, Brenda and Michelle. four friends in alexandria, virginia Winter light is really the best.  Even if you don't get quite the perfect start, the morning takes a long time to finally make it to day and by then you're getting ready to have some beautiful afternoon light.  We went with morning for the session. boat in old town harbor sailboat in old town alexandria virginia First spot was the funky yellow wall that everyone knows if you live in this area.  It's a great spot for regular old headshots.  And, you know, hilarious headshots. two ladies on yellow wall two other ladies against yellow brick wall Brenda's daughter was a total ham for the camera, which is awesome.  Children of photographers can really go either way.  Sometimes they are not having any of it, others can't get enough.  It seemed A was a bit of a mix.  She warmed up to me just a little bit towards the end of the session.  I really like this mother-daughter picture. mother daughter in alexandria, va ladies down by the waterfront in alexandria virginia It's good to have friends, even if they are sometimes far away. four friends in alexandria, virginia four friends in old town alexandria four friends in alexandria, virginia four friends in alexandria, virginia four friends in alexandria, virginia four friends in alexandria, virginia

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