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Tuesday on the Web

This week's edition of On the Web brings you a final image (from this trip) of NYC street scenes.  I'm very intrigued by the classic night-time street photography of greats like Cartier-Bresson but find my own equipment mostly lacking.  When I upgrade to full-frame, I'm excited about the low-light possibilities.  If I jack up the ISO to get the image, the grain is unbearable.  Below, the valet stand at the Hilton.

On the Web

Non-Newtonian Fluid on a Speaker Cone If you're a regular visitor here, you'll remember the kids running across a pool of muddy water and not sinking in.  Well now we have the same stuff (tons of cornstarch and very little water) atop a speaker.  It does really freaky things - freakier things than you think a puddle of cornstarch water is capable of - growing fingers, jumping around, neat stuff.  Too bad I'm a couple days late for Halloween but you can always get a head start on next year! Are you searching for a unicorn? I was going to save this link for my Sex at Dawn book review, but I think I'll share it now.  The lady's basic jist is that your husband cannot be everything for you.  Your ideal man may be attractive, kind, level-headed, a good cook and a great lover with an even temper, zest for life and great sense of humor.  But likely, your man is a bit off the mark, which is absolutely as it should be. And if sometimes you can't get what you need from your husband, well, that's pretty normal.  That's why we have friends and family and professionals. Mint Data for DC Mint is a website that helps you dynamically track your spending.  You give it access (and it claims to be totally zipped-up, security-wise) to your bank account and credit card transaction information and it aggregates the information to show you your spending patterns.  Well here we've got aggregated data for all users, which makes for some very interesting statistical analysis, one of my favorite things!  The link here will take you straight to data for Washington, DC but you can click around to lots of other cities/categories. How Brains are Boosted by Love and Sex Quoting a quote: "Daydreaming about your sweetheart may boost inventiveness and help you come up with creative ideas, while sexual thoughts could help you solve an analytical puzzle.”  What do you know! Kayak Explore This is a pretty sweet travel tool that I very recently discovered.  You go here, put in where you're traveling from and some other criteria like average temperature (!) and how much you want to spend, and it shows you where you can go.  Neat!
Hilton Manhattan NYC valet stand, b&w

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