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Just Because: Sarah & Scott | Alexandria, VA

Sarah and Scott are basically the perfect clients.  Not only were they relentlessly enthusiastic about having their picture taken, they braved the early morning chill at Huntley Meadows Park in December without jackets.  Plus, they were naturally cuddly and adorable all the damn time.  Seriously, I would tell them to go stand somewhere and in two seconds, they were doing something super cute.  Love you guys!! couple in the woods Definitely still my favorite scene - as you might recall from the "sneak peek". You can't really tell here, but the pussy willows were blowing their little bits of white tufts all over the place and they were lit up by the sun coming in over their shoulders.  It was pretty awesome.  We had amazing light in general, though.  Winter has really great light.  In my book, that's the best thing about it, besides maybe Christmas.  Maybe. couple portraits in alexandria, va Silly kids. morning light in huntley meadows park - couple portraits I was kinda shocked when Sarah and Scott told me they had only somewhat recently started dating.  This couple fits together so well. portrait photography in alexandria, va Huntley Meadows Park is a pretty cool place in the spring and summer, but in the winter the trees provide this amazing vertical-line backdrop.  I would come back here in a heartbeat to do more work.  I was digging every scene. couple photography - alexandria, va huntley meadows park portrait photography at huntley meadows park cute couple with cattails at huntley meadows park red sweaters - couple portrait photography in alexandria, va couple on a bench black and white couple portraits in alexandria, virginia Sarah and Scott wanted to wrap the session in their Brady jerseys.  Now I didn't want to say it then (not that they would have been surprised), but I have no idea who this Brady person is.  I did think Sarah's bejeweled girl-cut jersey was really cute, though.  I think that might get me one or two sports points.  Look at this sassy, sexy lady! cute couple woods alexandria, virginia portrait photography in alexandria, virginia - huntley meadows park Thank you guys so much for being so totally awesome to work with!

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