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Venue Idea: Mason District Park | Annandale, VA

Today's "venue idea" is yet another beautiful local park just aching to host your wedding ceremony.  There's big old signs everywhere saying you can't have alcohol (and in my book that means no reception), but Mason District Park would make a great ceremony site.  And if you have a lot of people but not much cash, there's a whole (outdoor) auditorium you can rent out for basically nothing. One of my favorite things about this area is that we are inches away from downtown Washington, DC and all the excitement and hustle the city has to offer, and also just a few steps from gorgeous open spaces and parks.  For instance, Mason District has an entire hiking path.  For much of this one-mile or so path, you could really believe you were in the middle of the woods somewhere.  I actually was concerned I might be lost at one point! There are also lots of lovely little bridges and things at this park, so it would make a beautiful, nature-y place to do a portrait session.  We could get a little hike in, too!  A word of caution: you must love the color green. platform over a pond at mason district park ampitheatre at mason district park spot for portraits in annandale, va bridge at mason district park pretty out of focus yellow flowers little shelter thing in annandale, va trail split at mason district park Now this was so cool.  I was in my maybe-lost phase and the trail didn't look like it was headed anywhere interesting.  But maaaaaybe I'll just go a little further and see, I said to myself.  Then about two steps later, I see this rusted old car in the middle of the woods.  Awesome, right!? old car in the woods weeds growing in the rusty old car in annandale rusty old car at mason district park Hell yeah rusted-out car in the woods!  So random. Ceremony possibility: ampitheater, open air Reception possibility: Picnic areas, big gazebo Alcohol allowed?  Nope. Cost: Large picnic shelter  - $125, Uncovered regular old picnic area – $70, Ampitheatre (must rent for 4 hours) – $100 total! Awesomeness: 3/10 You’ll find everything you need to know here. If you’re interested in having portraits done at Mason District Park, drop me a line and we’ll chat!

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