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Engagement sessions: what to wear

When thinking about what to wear to your engagement or portrait session, there are very few rules and lots of good ideas. Rules:
  1. Wear something you feel comfortable in.  If it's too tight, too bright, scratchy, see-though, too short, you are going to fidget through the whole session and never really get into it.  Wear something that makes you feel like you.
  2. No matchy-matchy.  You know what I'm talking about - a whole family in blue jeans and white collared shirts.  It's just cheesy, y'all.  Don't go there.
Good ideas:
  1. Saturated colors are better than pastels or neutrals.
  2. Big prints are better than small ones.
  3. Don't go baggy.  I've got some curves too, folks, and what you want to do is wear a thicker material that is still form-fitted.  Baggy clothes will just make you bigger than you are.
  4. V-necks and collared shirts are very flattering on women - show some collarbone and neck.  Avoid turtlenecks.  Scarves work better.
  5. You've heard these before - these things are flattering: darker colors, vertical stripes.
  6. Ladies, bring the heels, they look fab.  But make sure you bring some shoes you can walk in, too, especially if we're going to be traveling a bit.
You can see a few examples from some of my well-dressed clients on Pinterest.  Also, I'm traveling right now and promised to get this post up soon so know that I will be fixing it up some in the future when I have access to my backlog.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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