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2013 Year in Review: One

I've spent some time trying to figure out how to properly start this post. My first instinct was to write "2013 was a crazy year." And then I skipped back to my 2012 review and that is exactly what I said last year. So I suppose I'll just move onto gratitude. I am so grateful that I get to do this for a living, that my clients are so incredibly cool and laid-back and in love, that this work allows me the flexibility to hustle on my own schedule, and have time to actually live my life. I'm grateful that this industry, and wedding photographers in particular, are such generous, friendly and helpful people. I'm grateful that I get to shoot the way I want to shoot and people actually like it and pay me to do it. I'm grateful that my little baby business is getting pretty grown up. I'm grateful that my body continues to work for me, and that even when I feel burnt-out and used up, I can always bring it when I get a camera in my hands. It's been a good year. I photographed 54 weddings in 2013. A number of them were intimate affairs, with no more than a handful of witnesses. At several of the weddings, I was the witness. These are not my favorite images from each wedding, per se, but they certainly do speak to me and I'm proud to have made them. Without further ado, one from (almost) each of my 2013 weddings: Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-1Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-2Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-3Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-4Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-5Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-6Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-7Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-8Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-9CoCoSala-wedding-DC-15Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-10Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-11arts-club-of-washington-dc-wedding-39Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-12Old-Town-Alexandria-courthouse-wedding-18Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-13Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-14Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-15Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-16Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-17Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-18Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-19DC-courthouse-wedding-photography-1Clarendon-Ballroom-wedding-Arlington-7Montrose-park-same-sex-wedding-28Dc-courthouse-wedding-photography-3Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-20Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-21Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-22Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-23Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-24Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-25Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-26Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-27Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-28Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-29Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-30Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-31Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-32Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-33Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-34Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-35Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-36Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-37Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-38Washington-DC-wedding-photographer-39

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Meigh McNamee-MahaffeyDecember 13, 2013 - 1:34 am

Look how much joy you got to be a part of! I agree 100%, we should definitely be grateful to work in such an awesome field. Hope your 2014 is even brighter!

Sherry BoothJanuary 9, 2014 - 1:08 am

Brilliant & Beautiful – such creativity!

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