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Stacy & Jeremy | Poe Museum wedding | Maymont Gardens | Richmond, VA

Stacy called me up a couple weeks ago about me photographing her wedding. She and her fiancé were through with planning and just wanted to be hitched already. And since there was a Rob Zombie concert happening in that night, Richmond seemed a fine place to tie the knot. We rocked out some pretty, then rolled over to the Edgar Allen Poe Museum to get these two wed. Richmond-creative-wedding-photography-17 We met up at Maymont Gardens, which is a truly beautiful place in the middle of Richmond. I must admit I don't get down there too often but I'd go back to scope out the rest of the park. Richmond-creative-wedding-photography-1Richmond-creative-wedding-photography-3Richmond-creative-wedding-photography-4Richmond-creative-wedding-photography-5Richmond-creative-wedding-photography-6Richmond-creative-wedding-photography-7 A little stopover for some celebratory shots. Richmond-creative-wedding-photography-8 And it was wedding time. Richmond was in the midst of some enormous bike "race" that had half the city blocked off and closed down. So the Poe Museum wasn't even open. Undeterred, these two hopped in the doorway and did their thing. Richmond-creative-wedding-photography-9Richmond-creative-wedding-photography-10Richmond-creative-wedding-photography-11Richmond-creative-wedding-photography-12Richmond-creative-wedding-photography-14Richmond-creative-wedding-photography-15 It's turtles all the way down. Richmond-creative-wedding-photography-16 We were meant to do abandoned warehouses, but with the bike race blocking all the damn streets and the timing not ideal, we just skipped to "industrial" photos instead, always a big favorite of mine. Why are loading docks so awesome? Richmond-creative-wedding-photography-19 Richmond has some really wonderful murals. Richmond-creative-wedding-photography-18Richmond-creative-wedding-photography-20 The city also has a big lovely old train station which is absolutely empty, at least during a big bike race. A cop actually told us to go into this building. Very different than the DC experience where you will be kicked right out of Union Station. Richmond-creative-wedding-photography-21Richmond-creative-wedding-photography-22 Truth is, I don't know what to say about these. Richmond-creative-wedding-photography-23 Congratulations, guys!

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