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Katy & Julien | Rockville courthouse wedding

Katy and Julien met in Paris, of all places. They speak French to each other and everything. It's so damn romantic! They took the romance to the Rockville courthouse to tie the knot. rockville-courthouse-wedding-photography-24 One awesome thing about the Rockville courthouse over DC is that you can shoot throughout the building. In DC you're not allowed to take photos outside the ceremony room, so you miss all the little bits. rockville-courthouse-wedding-photography-1rockville-courthouse-wedding-photography-2 I've been seeing peonies everywhere. I've decided I love them. Katy made this bouquet. rockville-courthouse-wedding-photography-4 They handed out American and French flags to their friends and families. rockville-courthouse-wedding-photography-5rockville-courthouse-wedding-photography-6rockville-courthouse-wedding-photography-7rockville-courthouse-wedding-photography-8rockville-courthouse-wedding-photography-9rockville-courthouse-wedding-photography-10rockville-courthouse-wedding-photography-12rockville-courthouse-wedding-photography-13rockville-courthouse-wedding-photography-14rockville-courthouse-wedding-photography-16 We had talked about going to Brookside Gardens afterward, but our timing was off a bit. Then we rerouted to Glen Echo Park but got lost on the way. When I went to turn the car around, we pulled into this charming little lock (#8?) and decided to just get out and do portraits here. It super worked. rockville-courthouse-wedding-photography-17rockville-courthouse-wedding-photography-18 Past clients of mine will recognize the "drag him along" pose. These two took it to a new comedic level. rockville-courthouse-wedding-photography-19 And also gave me the goods. rockville-courthouse-wedding-photography-20rockville-courthouse-wedding-photography-21rockville-courthouse-wedding-photography-22rockville-courthouse-wedding-photography-23 Julien saving Katy and her dress from this incredibly muddy dog. He was a good dog - no jumping at all. rockville-courthouse-wedding-photography-25rockville-courthouse-wedding-photography-26 Congratulations, you guys!

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