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Mattie & Justin | Thorpewood wedding | Thurmont, MD

Mattie and Justin got married at ThorpeWood in Thurmont, Maryland - a drop-dead-gorgeous setting for one heck of a wedding. Mattie cried all day long, she and Justin made out like crazy and her mom even got in a Wendell Barry quote. Also: composting toilets (really! ThorpeWood has composting toilets!), a million pennant flags cut out from maps and a "pine cathedral" (seriously). Mattie and Justin: thorpewood-wedding-photography-30 I got a little confused when I first arrived and ended up using my venue scouting time literally hiking up switchbacks. On the plus side, I communed with nature. thorpewood-wedding-photography-1 Thorpewood's getting-ready space is actually a locker-room-type shower area. Otherwise, it's perfect! thorpewood-wedding-photography-2thorpewood-wedding-photography-3thorpewood-wedding-photography-5 Apparently there are scads of ceremony options at the place, but Mattie and Justin went with the old pine cathedral. Not a bad choice, really. thorpewood-wedding-photography-6thorpewood-wedding-photography-7 Mattie losing her 'ish. thorpewood-wedding-photography-8thorpewood-wedding-photography-9thorpewood-wedding-photography-10thorpewood-wedding-photography-11thorpewood-wedding-photography-12thorpewood-wedding-photography-14thorpewood-wedding-photography-15thorpewood-wedding-photography-16 Making out after the ceremony. thorpewood-wedding-photography-17thorpewood-wedding-photography-18 Still making out. thorpewood-wedding-photography-19 We had an actual golf cart escort to drive us around the property and all the lovely spots to do portraits. thorpewood-wedding-photography-20thorpewood-wedding-photography-21thorpewood-wedding-photography-22thorpewood-wedding-photography-24 I went rogue and disregarded things like ponds, barns and gazebos in favor of amazing afternoon light... thorpewood-wedding-photography-25 ...and this killer pine grove (Brenizer, 14 images, I believe). thorpewood-wedding-photography-1-2 And then, bless their hearts, they humored me by walking down to the creek, through actual woods, so we could get this shot (and the first image in the post). I could leave you with the impression I'm such a bad-ass, I got in the water, but it's not true - a big rock was jutting out into the stream. thorpewood-wedding-photography-29 ThorpeWood has a delightful lodge feel. thorpewood-wedding-photography-31thorpewood-wedding-photography-32 One of my favorites ever. Flower girls checking out the scene from the loft. Unscripted, I promise! thorpewood-wedding-photography-33thorpewood-wedding-photography-34thorpewood-wedding-photography-35thorpewood-wedding-photography-36thorpewood-wedding-photography-37thorpewood-wedding-photography-38thorpewood-wedding-photography-42thorpewood-wedding-photography-43 Rocking the casbah, as it were. thorpewood-wedding-photography-44thorpewood-wedding-photography-45-copythorpewood-wedding-photography-47thorpewood-wedding-photography-49thorpewood-wedding-photography-51thorpewood-wedding-photography-52thorpewood-wedding-photography-53-copythorpewood-wedding-photography-54thorpewood-wedding-photography-55 Congratulations, you guys! Mattie and Justin's vendor team: Ceremony and reception venue: ThorpeWood Catering: Canapés Catering DJ: DJ D-Mac Florist: Willow Oak Flower & Herb Farm Cake: A Touch of Icing Bakery (Waddington, NY) Cider: Kaneb Orchards Hair & Makeup: Structures Salon (Frederick, MD) Mattie's beautiful dress: Tara Keely from Katherine's Bridal Boutique (Alexandria) Mattie's shoes: Corso Como Justin's dashing suit: Alton Lane (DC)

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