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Irene & Idrissa | Corcoran Gallery of Art | Anytime | Washington, DC

Irene and Idrissa have been married for over a decade, but, like the proverbial cobbler's kids, Irene doesn't wear shoes. Anyway, she's a great photographer, so it was very humbling to be asked to do photos for her family. We even hit up a new museum for me - the Corcoran Gallery of Art. The gallery is on it's way to becoming part of the Smithsonian so who knows what the place will be like in a few months. In the meantime, we soaked up some of the cool modern abstract stuff and rocked out the Duck Pond too. Corcoran-gallery-of-art-engagement-photography-6Corcoran-gallery-of-art-engagement-photography-3Corcoran-gallery-of-art-engagement-photography-1Corcoran-gallery-of-art-engagement-photography-5Corcoran-gallery-of-art-engagement-photography-7Corcoran-gallery-of-art-engagement-photography-8Corcoran-gallery-of-art-engagement-photography-9Corcoran-gallery-of-art-engagement-photography-10Corcoran-gallery-of-art-engagement-photography-11 I was afraid of the geese but Irene and Idrissa plunged in. Corcoran-gallery-of-art-engagement-photography-12Corcoran-gallery-of-art-engagement-photography-13Corcoran-gallery-of-art-engagement-photography-14Corcoran-gallery-of-art-engagement-photography-15Corcoran-gallery-of-art-engagement-photography-16Corcoran-gallery-of-art-engagement-photography-17Corcoran-gallery-of-art-engagement-photography-18 You can't use flash in the museum. I know that. And you shouldn't do it. But sometimes you just roll with it and fire off a few before the guards start yelling. And it's worth it. Corcoran-gallery-of-art-engagement-photography-19 Thanks guys!

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