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Jade, Paul & Baby A | Newborn photographer | Arlington, VA

Baby A is enormous, guys. This is a newborn shoot, I promise. Jade was still working on him last time I saw them, but he's arrived and he's pretty great. I'm pretty well convinced that a "newborn" shoot should actually take place a month or more in - Baby A can smile and giggle and squirm and he's cute as hell. Arlington-Va-newborn-photographer-3Arlington-Va-newborn-photographer-6 Babies are funny. Arlington-Va-newborn-photographer-8Arlington-Va-newborn-photographer-9Arlington-Va-newborn-photographer-10Arlington-Va-newborn-photographer-11Arlington-Va-newborn-photographer-12Arlington-Va-newborn-photographer-14Arlington-Va-newborn-photographer-15Arlington-Va-newborn-photographer-16Arlington-Va-newborn-photographer-24Arlington-Va-newborn-photographer-18Arlington-Va-newborn-photographer-20Arlington-Va-newborn-photographer-22Arlington-Va-newborn-photographer-23 Congratulations again, you guys. Take care of that enormous baby.

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