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Maternity & Newborn package dealio | Documentary family photography in Arlington, Virginia

It’s all coming up babies, y’all. If you want to get your photo on about it, I have a package dealio for you! It’s the first “package” I’ve had here at AWP and since it’s gone over well with folks, I’m doing an advertising post about it. (This is the post – I am currently advertising!) One maternity session, one newborn session and one small but beautiful album for $1100. It’s my Maternity/Newborn package and it’s pretty great.


First we do an about-an-hour shoot while baby’s still cooking…


… then we’ll meet at your house and do another about-an-hour session once your tiny new person makes his/her appearance.


My style focuses on documentary storytelling – little snippets of life. Real stuff. We do some posey stuff too – a few for Grandma – but the ideal is to have some images that speak to who you are as a newly-enlarged family.

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Nancy, Ilan & Baby L | Washington DC maternity photography | Mt. Pleasant

Once upon a time, two lovely people met in Mt. Pleasant, fell in love, got married and had a baby. They made goofy faces at the baby, because goofy faces are this couple’s particular forte. Sometimes the baby cried, but mostly she was very happy. And then they hired a brilliant photographer to take documentary family photos. The end.

Ok, not the end. Not the beginning. Just somewhere in the very-good middle.washington-dc-documentary-newborn-photography-25

Baby L has a tiny tongue and little tiny toes.


And a tiny vajay – sorry future teenage Baby L!


Nancy and Ilan’s house has amazing light. Everyone should get to live in a house with light like this. I fully anticipate they will do all future baby cuddling mushed into this corner of their kitchen.


Congratulations, you two.

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Jade, Paul & Baby A | Newborn photographer | Arlington, VA

Baby A is enormous, guys. This is a newborn shoot, I promise. Jade was still working on him last time I saw them, but he’s arrived and he’s pretty great. I’m pretty well convinced that a “newborn” shoot should actually take place a month or more in – Baby A can smile and giggle and squirm and he’s cute as hell.


Babies are funny.


Congratulations again, you guys. Take care of that enormous baby.

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