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Kate & Jimmy |intimate wedding photography | Washington, DC

Kate and Jimmy were married in the woods, at the very spot where Jimmy proposed. These brilliant folks actually take advantage of the lockhouses along the C&O Canal, which along with being nice vacation spots, are really lovely places to have a small wedding. They ate BBQ, got dressed up, marched down to a secluded spot by the water and went on and tied the knot. Kate and Jimmy: Rock-Creek-Park-wedding-photography-5 Lockhouse #10 is the biggest on the canal, but still plenty cosy. Rock-Creek-Park-wedding-photography-1Rock-Creek-Park-wedding-photography-2Rock-Creek-Park-wedding-photography-3Rock-Creek-Park-wedding-photography-4Rock-Creek-Park-wedding-photography-6Rock-Creek-Park-wedding-photography-7Rock-Creek-Park-wedding-photography-9Rock-Creek-Park-wedding-photography-10Rock-Creek-Park-wedding-photography-8Rock-Creek-Park-wedding-photography-11Rock-Creek-Park-wedding-photography-12Rock-Creek-Park-wedding-photography-13Rock-Creek-Park-wedding-photography-14 Marriage accomplished, we romped down to the water and back up the hill for a few portraits before these two whisked away to what I can only imagine was a rockin' good wedding dinner. Rock-Creek-Park-wedding-photography-16Rock-Creek-Park-wedding-photography-17Rock-Creek-Park-wedding-photography-18Rock-Creek-Park-wedding-photography-19Rock-Creek-Park-wedding-photography-22Rock-Creek-Park-wedding-photography-20 Congratulations, guys!

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