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Michelle & Jared | Maryland Farm Wedding from 2012

I'm honestly having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I second shot this wedding with Marcella Treybig all the way back in 2012. Especially since I think about this wedding all the time. Whenever anyone asks me about my "most memorable" wedding or the "coolest thing I've ever seen," I always think of Michelle and Jared. Marcella finally told me I could blog it, and unlike all the other weddings I second-shot from years back, I actually wanted to post this one! Aaaaaaaand, at some point, I threw out all the images. Digital storage is cheap, people - don't get rid of things just because you think you will never have a use for them again (oy). funky-barn-wedding-in-maryland-1 Anyway, here are two images from the wedding. They're nice enough - Michelle is totally beautiful and wore this awesome black dress and veil. But what I would really love to show you is the crazy rainstorm and ensuing food fight. All the guests ran out in the rain and got drenched and then came back in and took shots of Jack Daniels. And smashed cake in each others' faces. It was AMAZING. And for some reason I didn't think to keep a single photo from the scene. Anyway! Enjoy these two. It was a great wedding. funky-barn-wedding-in-maryland-2 And now you're going to ask me: where is that venue!? and I will tell you: I don't think it's a thing anymore. I'm pretty sure it never had a name, and when I search for the address in Google, it is a for-sale listing. Womp womp. You'll have to get your crazy-awesome-funky-slanty barn venue elsewhere.

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