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New York City at night

I'm back in NYC again for another work function.  This time I'm all by my lonesome in the hotel room, but just about everyone in the union has come up to see our prez get some industry award.  As always, I love New York.  I've said it before but I'll say it again here - I believe New York City is the most interesting place in America.  If you can't find something exciting to see and do in NYC, you can go ahead and define yourself as a stick in the mud. Plans for today include walking tour of Grand Central Station (hopefully lots of photos to come), likely sushi for lunch, possibly some light camera-bag shopping in Chinatown and also possibly Ground Zero.  I've never been to the financial district at all.  It's lovely walking weather and I do enjoy walking. Last night a group of my coworkers and I took the subway on down to Chinatown for Congee Village, which was excellent.  I can't believe how much we ordered, I can't believe how much of it we ate, and I can't believe how cheap the bill was.  And now, some photos: nyc street photography manhattan street photography - vendor reading newspaper billboard painters and take out nyc new york city subway nyc subway street photography A coworker, on and around the train.  I loved that these two people pushed past her just as she got under the light. shielah diptych - nyc subway

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